Activity Programme

Through our activity based programme, we support the young people to find creative, practical and enjoyable tasks that are rewarding to them. These activities help develop thought processes and behaviours and contribute to physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Activities provide an outlet and make it possible to shift attention away from problems, pains or anxieties. They also facilitate in decreasing stress, learning frustration tolerance, building confidence, developing identity, gaining a sense of pride, attaining patience, developing and refining motor skills, and building relationship competencies.

The activity itself becomes the “common third”: The young person and their Activity Therapist work alongside each other, learning together. Barriers between the team and young people (‘them and us’) are broken down and a sense of togetherness and mutual learning arises.

The effect of ‘learning by doing’ also increases the skill and knowledge base of the young person. Young people will take ownership over their own learning and understanding, and will be consequently better prepared for their later life.

“Tell me, and I forget;
Show me, and I remember;
Let me do, and I understand.”
– Chinese Proverb