Better Outcomes

Better Outcomes. A comparison between Germany, where this approach is used in residential child care, and the UK showed following differences (Currently there are approx. 60 000 children and young people in care in the UK, and 80 000 children and young people in Germany.)*:

  • Better outcomes in education: Only 11% of 16 years olds in the UK achieve Honour Junior Certs  compared to 75% in Germany
  • Better outcomes in school attendance: There is a six times lower school attendance in the UK compared to Germany
  • Better outcomes in employment/training for young people over 16: More than half of the young people in the UK are not employed or in training compared to less than a quarter in Germany
  • Better outcomes, reduced juvenile offences: 104 000 offences committed  in the UK compared to 7200 in Germany


*Source: The Sunday Times, Tender loving care homes, 18.03.2007