Social Workers

What we offer at The Galtee Clinic:

Safeguarding and Child Protection

  • ChildrenFirstLOGO_1Safe and nurturing placements in a picturesque rural setting
  • Regularly monitored and inspected under the relevant legislation
  • Compliance with current Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies and Procedures
  • All team members receive current child protection and safety intervention training
  • All team members understand and adhere to the policy and procedures of the Galtee Clinic
Social Pedagogy as our Model of Care

  • Two house pedagogues who live in Hill House, providing a nurturing family analogue setting and supported by a fully trained team
  • Learning through a shared living experience
  • Learning through doing along with the community as opposed to being shown (the Common Third)
  • Pedagogy to encourage children to become the good-enough citizen and establish community links
  • A small team creating a community feel
  • New team members introduced slowly and sporadically
  • No shift work, no office in Hill House or paper work done there to truly reinforce the fact that it is a home

  • Daily in-house available Senior Clinical Psychologist who lives on site with his family, who are an integral part of the community
  • Hands on, direct work with the children, individually and as part of the Galtic Clinic community
  • Comprehensive Assessment Process
  • Individual Behaviour Management Plan
  • Individual psychological treatment plan
  • Access to local CAMHS

  • Close link with Local Education Welfare Officer (Access to mainstream education and/or home tutoring)
  • Links to local and regional National and Secondary SchoolsCapture=20youthreach
  • Links to Youthreach
  • ASDAN Programmes: Trained ASDAN tutors onsite
  • Apprenticeship Schemes through established community links
  • Links to the National Learning Network
Staff Team

  • Highly trained and skilled workforce with extensive work experience (Master and/or BA-degrees throughout the staff team)
  • Live-in House-Pedagogues for a consistent continuum of care
  • Clinically led staff team
  • Each young person has two Activity Therapists assigned specifically for them – reduced staff numbers as much as possible, guided by attachment theory
  • Weekly team meetings
  • Fortnightly community meetings with the young people
  • Weekly meetings with Activity Therapists, Manager and Young Person
  • Outreach – Approven understanding of family work
Social Farming

  • Farm on nearby site from Hill House at the foot of the Galtee Mountains, forming a parallel community
  • Opportunities to work with a variety of animals
  • Encouraged social farming and animal husbandry
  • Provides a therapeutic outlet for young people